20 December 2011

Eleven Years Ago


Eleven years ago our dear Freda adopted us. Thank you for picking us. You made us very happy. Miss you.

16 December 2011

Fookbase (FB) Warning

How much does Fookbase know about you? Video may frighten you. But we have all closed our FB accounts. Right? Or do you live on the edge? http://tnw.co/vlEPCQ #fb #fookbase #max

15 December 2011

12 December 2011

USPS dead in the water thanks to the Congress

There have been stories about the United States Postal Service reducing mail service. One big issue is that customers that receive their prescription medicine by post may not receive them in time due to the closure of postal centers and the deduction of delivery days. Well, order the medications earlier. And the complaint of all the "ad" (junk) mail. Greatly increase the postage of said mail. That will reduce some of the mail and increase revenue.

The main problem is the charter of the Postal Service. If Congress would get off its butt and change the charter to allow the USPS to provide services similar to what European and other governments are allowed to provide, that may delay the disappearance of mail service a bit longer. 

Want to reduce your junk mail?

Try some of the suggested sites listed here. I haven't signed up yet but will soon.


Still drinking U.S. cow milk?

Food giants fight proposed nutrition guidelines:

Food giants fight proposed nutrition guidelines: http://t.co/G5CLgE5 via @pearltrees || All they care about is money, not their customers' health. No wonder our health care is so expensive. Oh, and we don't need all that colorful packaging and advertising. We know what's out there and don't need you to tell us what crap to purchase. We're just not smart enough not to buy it.

The Other United Way

The better United Way again explained by Jon Carroll. A great way to do good and feel good doing it. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/12/05/DDNK1M7K7H.DTL&sk=d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
#charity #feelgood

11 December 2011

Keurig's Environmental Fail

Keurig's new "Choose, Brew, Enjoy" TV advert is a large FAIL. There is no mention of recycling the K-Cups or using the K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter. If Keurig is an environmentally responsible company they would mention these points. Apparently they are not.

10 December 2011

"Yellow Submarine"

Downloaded my very first ebook. "Yellow Submarine". Free on iTunes.


Observed over 300 pronghorn while traveling through Wyoming. Saw 100+ in one herd. Very impressive. Interesting in how they approached a fence on a wide front but would jump over the fence in only one place following one another.

23 November 2011

22 November 2011

Remembering Freda

It was three years ago today that our beloved Freda crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This morning was a foggy morning, Freda's favorite.


Suzy and I went to our special place and took time to remember Freda.

SNV17680.AVI Watch on Posterous

This is very similar to the last video of Freda.

1emYIW8lmL0.webloc Download this file
We miss our dear Freda very much.


Remembering Freda

It was three years ago today that our beloved Freda crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This morning was a foggy morning, Freda's favorite.


Suzy and I went over to our special place and took time to remember Freda.

1emYIW8lmL0.webloc Download this file

This video is very similar to the last video of Freda.

1emYIW8lmL0.webloc Download this file

We continue to miss our dear Freda. 

16 October 2011

Queen of the Sun. {Bioneers}

Queen of the Sun. {Bioneers}

Occupy Wall Street

Always thought it started too late in the season(s). Movement needs to move south during the winter and also begin boycotting big corporations. Must survive and win.

10 October 2011

No Posting For A While

I will not be posting here or other social sites for a while. Will it save a little server space and electricity needed to maintain the huge server farms? Who knows? Will anyone care? When I delete some of my old tweets and blog posts will it save even more? Foolish? Possibly. Lonely? Yes. 

H.U.M.P. Day (Hitch Up My Pony)

I’m hitching up my pony and will attempt to use as little electricity and as few petroleum based products as I can for the remainder of the day. As in the horse and buggy days?

Did you turn on the light to read your morning paper? Perhaps you arose too early. Try reading in the morning light tomorrow. I did today. It was nice. Do you turn on the light in the shower or water closet when you actually don’t need it?

Billions of us post something online almost every day. Why are we keeping tweets, or blog posts in all their forms for years and years? Are they really that important to most of us? Do we really need to keep everything we compose into perpetuity?  A journal of your life may be important. So be it. But of the extraneous fluff?  Do we need ever expanding server farms and their increasing demand for electricity to store what we once thought were eloquent words? Have you thought to deleting the tweets you posted several years ago? Are they relevant today?  Didn’t think so. Does it really matter how many tweets you have posted? Something you post today is most likely forgotten by most humans in a week or two. If or when I return to the online world, I will begin deleting my early tweets and blog postings and free up some space somewhere for the next stupendous “best seller” and save some electricity. (But will I waste more power deleting my fluff?)

Are you going to H.U.M.P. today, tomorrow? Once a year is a start but once a month or once a week would create a larger difference. If nothing else you might feel better about yourself. Now that I have just wasted all this electricity producing ones and zeros and wasting electricity, I’m thinking of hitching Ol’ Bess up for several days and see what happens.

Happy H.U.M.P Day.

29 September 2011

How Now Brown Cow

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream and Virgil's Root Beer


19 September 2011

14 September 2011

(Delta)Bunny Observed At Sacramento Airport

Thanks to Splash for letting us know that there is a large red (Delta)Bunny residing at the new terminal at the Sacramento Airport. Will always be reminded of Freda when we stroll by.


Freda would have been pleased. Much appreciated, Splash. Thank you.

More photos of the red bunny can be seen here.

10 September 2011

08 September 2011

Super Nova

Frankie has welcomed me to the Pleasuredome where we will try to observe the super nova somewhere near Hollywood.

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Have observed a large number of dragonflies this summer. Noticed many of these critters perched on the sidewalk this morning. This one allowed me to approach very close to snap a few close-ups.

16 August 2011

Facebook stops drugmakers' comment feature


For once I have to say Facebook has done something right. The big pharmaceuticals are afraid of the truth. Most of their drugs poison people. They harm countless patients. They do not want to hear that many of the illnesses their medications supposedly control or cure can be controlled by acupuncture and/or herbs. Traditional Chinese Medicine has thousands of years of experience and success that challenges the poor record of the drug companies. If the truth came out, the big pharmas would lose billions in profits. They are frightened of TCM and continue to try to prevent this news from becoming mainstream while attempting to get their bedfellow, the FDA, to make it more difficult for practitioners to use herbs that have proven to work over and over. Of course the drug companies would close down their Facebook comment feature. "They can't handle the truth." Kudos to Facebook.

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15 August 2011

Orthopedics Pain and Acupuncture

Listening to "The Balancing Point" 9am PDT on KESTRadio.com http://bit.ly/cNWQlU Today's topics Are orthopedics, pain and acupuncture.

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Blood Sugar and Diabetes

Listening to "The Medicine Men" 7am PDT on KESTRadio.com http://bit.ly/cNWQlU Topics today blood sugar and diabetes Some people can be helped with acupuncture and herbs and be taken off meds.

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13 August 2011

Hoax or Truth? Global Warming 'Scam' Debate Rages - International Business Times


Climate change and global warming/cooling have been around since the "beginning". Any student knows that, if they received a credible education. If they missed out on a proper education I would suggest they return to the classroom and study a bit more diligently next time. But I fear that will not be possible in most cases because our education system is in such a shambles. Eventually there will not be enough teachers to teach because of the poor education our children are now receiving. Few of them will qualify to enter university and even fewer will become educators. That does not bode well for our country's future.

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Gore Flings Barnyard Epithet at 'Organized' Climate Change Critics

"Some of the exact same people -- by name, I can go down a list of their names -- are involved in this," Gore said Thursday at an Aspen Institute forum in Aspen, Colo. "And so what do they do? They pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message: 'This climate thing, it's nonsense. Man-made CO2 doesn't trap heat. It's not -- It may be volcanoes.' Bullshit! 'It may be sun spots.' Bullshit! 'It's not getting warmer.' Bullshit!"

He continued: "There are about 10 other memes that are out there, and when you go and talk to any audience about climate, you hear them washing back at you the same crap, over and over and over again. They have polluted this shit. There is no longer shared reality on an issue like climate, even though the very existence of our civilization is threatened."

Gore's remarks were reported Friday by news website RealAspen.com and Carbondale, Colo., NPR affiliate KDNK.

Both news organizations have posted partial audio of Gore's remarks, and a third, AspenJournalism.org, has put up a full recording.

However, the Aspen Institute said Monday it does not plan to make a full recording or transcript available.

Climate 'no longer acceptable in mixed company'

Gore "was at another conference and came over to speak to our group at late notice (at the request of a friend)," said Charlie Firestone, executive director of the Aspen Institute's Communications and Society Program. "He was not a regular participant, so did not know, as the others did, that the conference was being streamed. ... We are according our normal rule of 'not for attribution.'"

Gore spent more than an hour addressing the institute's Forum on Communications and Society, Firestone said, "covering topics of the history of communication, neurobiology and civic discourse."

But it was the former vice president-turned-environmental activist's comments on climate skeptics that drew news coverage -- and subsequently lit up the conservative blogosphere this weekend.

"It's no longer acceptable in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company, to use the goddamned word 'climate,'" Gore said. "It's not acceptable. They have polluted this to the point where we cannot possibly come to an agreement on it because of this organized activity."

The same tactics used by climate skeptics and the tobacco industry were also deployed during the recent debt-ceiling debate, Gore added.

"During the debt-ceiling debate, Crossroads and Americans for Prosperity and a collection of smaller groups did exactly the same thing," Gore said. "Unnoticed in Washington and New York, as the debt-ceiling debate was going on, the ratio of television advertisements was 9-to-1 -- 9-to-1! -- on the 'Don't-lift-the-debt-ceiling' debate. 'Spending is the problem. We have to shrink government.' And now we're going to tip the country back into recession. It's absolutely insane."

Copyright 2011 E&E Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

For more news on energy and the environment, visit www.climatewire.net.
ClimateWire is published by Environment & Energy Publishing. Read More »

Mr. Gore is correct and states it well. Climate skeptics do not believe in any science except that an ostrich sticks its head in the sand. It is amazing that so many bird brains are content to vote for "Struthio camelus" and allow them run the country into the ground. But it has been said "birds of a feather flock together". "GOP" now makes sense to me. (There are so many more analogies that can be made but my time is short.)

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08 July 2011

Maps.google sent us to the wrong location.

In planning a trip we asked maps.google for distance and approximate time to a destination. The giant mapper pointed us to a city 160 miles north of the city we requested. Google even misidentified their wrong city as our requested destination. Luckily we know where we are going. Certainly will be double checking Google's mapping and directions from now on. It is always a good idea to carry a hard copy atlas when traveling. #maps.google #fail

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07 July 2011

Machu Picchu in danger from too many tourists


Sad to read of the decline of this amazing experience. A wonderful and spiritual place. When we visited in 1997 we were able to spend the night right next to the citadel on the mountain. There were less than 120 visitors in the ruins while we were there. Aguas Calientes was a marvelous sleepy little village with a few rooms offered for rent. A bus took us up the zigzagging mountain road to the hotel. The train from Qosqo was slow and the restroom filthy but that was part of the charm. Climbed neighboring Huayna Picchu and pondered the wonder of it all. While on top we saw representatives of the largest and smallest flying bird species at the same time. A condor and a hummingbird. We were lucky to see this magnificent place before it was ruined by tourists and big business. It is a must see as those that have been there will attest to but you have missed out on the tranquility of Machu Picchu if you did not visit during the twentieth century.

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Want a penguin cam? There's an app for that


Reminds me of my days working at Denver Zoo's Bird World. Took care of the penguins once in a while.

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06 July 2011

Over 2/3 of Google+ users are ready to say goodbye to Facebook - TNW Google


Good news from where I sit. Fookbace never really did much for me. Too many people playing games. I sold my farm and moved on. Still waiting to see what Diaspora comes up with. Perhaps G+ until Diaspora gets it together?

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05 July 2011

Fourth of July Myths Debunked:

http://on.natgeo.com/lIXT3W via @NatGeo as i said, next year we need to celebrate on the 2nd. But declaration was signed on fourth by John Hancock and Charles Thomson to make it legal so it could be printed. Our independence was achieved 3 Sep 1783. That should be our true date of celebration. Just because you declare doesn't mean you will succeed.

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04 July 2011

Happy Independence Day to me. On this day eight years ago I awoke...

to a great adventure, my retirement. My own declaration of independence if you will. I don't know why or how this minor occurrence in the scheme of things has exploded into hugh fireworks displays around the country. I did not see any such displays on the anniversary of our country's declaration of independence on the second of July. If you deem it appropriate to celebrate my retirement, I thank you. Hope you have a great time. But instead of setting off skyrockets, and colorful aerial bombs thus polluting our skies, I ask that you use the "ILoveFireworks" app (99 cents) on your mobile device. Then you can celebrate any and all special occurrences whenever you like and save our atmosphere. Thank you. #declarationofindependence #adventure #July2nd #pollution # retirement #celebration #July4th #atmosphere ;-)

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01 July 2011

Tomorrow, 2 July, is the day the colonies declared their independence in 1776.

Again this year, the citizens of the United States of America will celebrate their country's declaration of independence on the wrong day. And again this year, I will post the history why...

"So, it was done, the break was made, in words at least: on July 2, 1776, in Philadelphia, the American colonies declared independence." Page 129 "John Adams" David McCullough On July 4, 1776, only John Hancock and Charles Thomson signed the document to authentic it so it could be printed. Page 136 ("John Adams") "The actual signing of the document would not take place until Friday, August 2, after a fair copy..." Page 137 ("John Adams") "...Thomas McKean of Delaware appears not to have signed until January 1777, which made him the last." Page 138 ("John Adams") Independence was achieved, ""His Britannic Majesty acknowledges the said United States . . . to be free, sovereign and independent states." "Done at Paris," read the final line, "this third day of September, in the the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty three." The mighty Revolution had ended. The new nation was born."" Page 285 "John Adams"  

Happy Independence Day! 

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29 June 2011

Watson Hollow Critter


A rustle in the brush. A slight disturbance in the water… One of the raccoons that invade our neighborhood each night.

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28 June 2011

Not a Common Sight in June and the Goats


Rain clouds in June, let alone the end of June, are a rare sight in this part of the state. Though the respite from the heat is nice. Always count the goats on our walk. Have our own neighborhood goatwatch. A few neighbors keep an eye on the goats' health and safety. Several goats have had to have their heads extricated from the surrounding fence. I tried once but had to call animal control. Goat had pushed its head through two fences. Owner not home. Herd presently numbers 28-31. Hard to count due to tall grass and a deep gully. Eight years ago there were 13. Past year has seen new adult goats arrive and many kids born. Ah, the rurality. (It is raining now.)

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22 June 2011

A New Era of Space Exploration

Tonight's BBC World News on PBS left us thinking that the United States has no other manned space vehicle to take us back into space once the shuttle fleet is retired. They did not do their homework. NASA and Lockheed Martin have been working on Orion for several years. My brother-in-law has been working on procuring materials for the heat shield for quite some time.

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Dear Directv - The Egg or the Rooster, Fireman, etc.

First, apparently your ad agency and editor did not attend class when evolution was presented, or they were asleep, do not subscribe to the theory of evolution or don't understand evolution basics. Birds evolved from reptiles. Many reptiles lay eggs. Eggs appeared before birds. Your "rooster v the egg" advert is moot. 

Secondly, your "Hot House" (fireman falling through the floor) advert is in bad taste considering the recent loss of two firefighters in San Francisco and others around the world. It should have been pulled.

Thirdly, I will never return to your service. Stop the junk mail and save a tree. #directv

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21 June 2011

Jackrabbit Drawing

Started this drawing several days ago on white Stonehenge paper. (5.5 in. x 7 in.) Using Prismacolor, Faber-Castell and Derwent Coloursoft pencils and Gamsol. Hope to finish it this week.

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18 June 2011

Web users have better social lives, study finds. (Misplaced trust?)


Proud to be among the 8% that do not (no longer) use fookbace and the 13% that use Twitter. Can't believe that so many trust fookbace with their privacy. Talk about misplaced trust. See that fb is losing members in Canada and the U.S. (http://www.insidefacebook.com/?p=52528) Those ex-members must know something.

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Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces - Yahoo! News

So "Eat *&#@" is now an invitation to dinner?

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17 June 2011

15 June 2011

The Great Race

One of my brother-in-laws is again the timer for the Great Race.

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14 June 2011

Spring Cleaning

Finally deleted our fookbace accounts. Feels great. Now need to weed out tweeters I no longer read. There are only so many news, tech, etc. tweets I need to follow or need to follow me.

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04 June 2011

Chevron, we agree.

You need to pay for the mess you purchased in Ecuador. It is your responsibility. Stop wasting your money on advertising, pay your taxes and step up.

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01 June 2011

How to Use Rubbing Alcohol as Deodorant

It really works, so far. Can use cotton pads instead of spray bottle at home.

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31 May 2011

My iPod Touch is no longer an ipod

I purchased a set of Apple iPod earphones with Remote and Mic five months ago. They now pause and start "Play" all by themselves. It's great. I enjoy the stuttering ambiance it creates while I am listening to podcasts and music. Until I can find a set of reasonably priced earphones that are robust enough to last more than a few months, my Touch will reside on my nightstand as an expensive alarm clock.

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World Health Organization says cell phone use may cause cancer

" Mobile phone users may be at increased risk from brain cancer and should use texting and free-hands devices to reduce exposure, the World Health Organisation's cancer experts said Tuesday." http://is.gd/KFdXd7

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30 May 2011

What are you growing overnight? Gil Hedley: Fascia and stretching: The Fuzz Speech

Fuzzy doesn't always mean cute. Stretch every day. Keep your body fit. Increase the time before your body ends up on an anatomy class table.

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26 May 2011

methyl iodide | Strawberry Fields (Poisoned) Forever | Rodale News


Certainly won't be buying California strawberries from now on. Need to ask restaurants the origin of their fraises des bois. [A rose by any other name? ;-) ]

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Dog with two broken legs finds owner after storm - Yahoo! News

Incredibly happy ending. GO MASON!!

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"The value of facts" by Jon Carroll

"Although, as everyone knows, facts have a liberal bias." Jon Carroll

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/05/25/DDPH1JKARJ.DTL#ixzz1NTwIjNkz

Another great column from Mr. Carroll.



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25 May 2011

16 May 2011

Am I an "official Prize Winner"?

Today I received a postcard stating that I may have won two new automobiles or $49K. Maybe a cruise, a two day getaway with airfare or perhaps a seven day cruise. I'm so excited but I have to hurry. I must call within 72 hours. Wait. The missive mentions the offer expires in the middle of June. Whew! Thought I might miss out. Now I must decide which prize I will select and with whom I will share this happy time. Decisions. Decisions. 

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15 May 2011

Still On facebook?

If so, you may want to read the June 2011 issue of Consumer Reports. You may be looking for an alternative social site after reading the article about facebook. "...you share the details of your life on Facebook, assuming that you and other users are its main customers and that it's accountable to you. But Bruce Schneier, cheif technology officer at security firm BT Global Service, says you're not Facebook's customer. 'You are Facebook's product that they sell to their customers,' he says, refering to the network's advertisers." You have to ask yourself who is using whom? Stand up, be brave and seek out a better alternative. Invite your friends to follow you. True privacy is lost on the Internet but you can do a better job of protecting your personal information than on facebook. Does billionaire Mr. Mark really need you to help line his already bulging pockets? Check out other social sites. You may find a less offensive organization that may fill your needs. Twitter may be all you need. Or Blogger? Tumblr? WordPress? Posterous? You may also want to avoid friendfeed which is owned by facebook. Remember, The Beatles were warning us of the Blue Meanies so long ago. I left facebook and am glad I did. 

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28 April 2011

27 April 2011

How does one obtain past episodes of BBC's radio program(me) "The Archers"?

I have subscribed to the podcasts via iTunes. Only the previous week’s programs are available to new subscribers. I don’t need all 16,000+ episodes, just a few years or so. Well, it would be nice to start at the beginning. :-)

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26 April 2011

Finders keepers? The murky ethics of found money


Money I find, if owner unknown and small amounts, is given to the homeless. I take no charity donation deduction on my taxes.

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23 April 2011

Coca-Cola - Qwiki

Interesting this came up when it did.

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Coca-Cola is trying to be environmentally responsible. Good for them, kinda...

How about nutritionally responsible? Nutrition labels? Big deal. Old news. Those labels have been around for a while. How about removing HFCS that is made from GMO corn, that requires atrocious amounts of petrochemical fertilizers that are then washed down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to the Gulf of Mexico creating a dead zone? All those acres poisoned by chemical fertilizers could better be used to grow crops that would provide healthy, environmentally and nutritionally sound food crops. Instead, they produce GMO corn that is fed to millions of cattle forced into crowded, filthy feed lots eating a product they are not meant to consume thus requiring antibiotics that contaminate our beef. And how about all the corn products under multiple pseudonyms that pervade human food products? If Coca-Cola wants to be environmentally and nutritionally responsible at the same time, they can remove high fructose corn syrup from all their products. That would be great news on Earth Day. 

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22 April 2011

Earth Day - Qwiki

Nurture nature.

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Inside Scoop SF » On Earth Day, Rethinking the Paper Coffee Cup


And what about all those single cup, e.g. K-Cup, plastic cups? Luckily the industry is looking into a more environmentally responsible single brew container. We use a single cup brewer but use the optional wire basket that allows us to use the ground coffee of our choice. And it is also much easier to recycle the grounds. To show good faith in their statement of becoming environmentally friendly in the future, the single brew machine manufacturers should supply the over priced brewing basket free with all new coffee makers and to present owners. Brewing one cup of coffee, or tea for that matter, is a waste of energy. So even with a recyclable "K-Cup" or the screen basket, the single brew machine should be recycled and replaced with a French press or other more efficient coffee maker. And something else to consider, is bisphenol A present in the tubing of single brew coffee makers? How far will you go to help make Earth Day count?

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20 April 2011

Pay-by-phone? I don't think I will.

It said that we will be paying for just about everything with our subsidized smart phones in the near future. I think the advent of the near-field communication (NFC) payment system is fantastic. I have a real problem with the requirements though. Such as the possession of a smart phone and a monthly data plan. Not all of us will have a smart phone or want one. When the day comes when all purchases are made by bumping or swiping our communicator will the telecommunication monopolies subsidize the required smart phone monthly data plan? How many can actually afford the monthly phone bill now? If the big telcoms want us to use our smart phone (which we may be forced to obtain) to pay for our necessities, let alone to make a call, they will have to subsidize the phone bills for many of those that can not afford the phone they don't want and certainly the compulsory data plans. To do this will AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc, have to raise the price of the data plans of those who actually use them? Smart phones are nice but that doesn't mean the telecoms, or the government in their regulation of said phones, is smart. They are just greedy. But isn't that what big business is all about? IMHO

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09 April 2011



Two years ago this day our precious Suzy took it upon on herself to adopt us. Apparently, and luckily for us, we suited her needs. Suzy has continually stressed that a diva and a princess are not the same and have different demands. In return for our following precise instructions in meeting her wants and whimsies, she has condescended to become my mentor and art critic. Suzy and "Mum" are still sparring as to which one is the true queen of the castle. All in all it has been a glorious two years and we look forward to many more. Thank you Suzy for being you. 

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American Civil War - Qwiki

Can California learn from this?

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08 April 2011

A family member rented the Turner Farmhouse for get-together.


Do we fly or drive 6000+ miles roundtrip? Looking forward to time at the Turner Farmhouse on an island in Lake Champlain. Maybe Montreal? Mozzie heaven?

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Talking to Republicans


This is a large problem. Unfortunately the solution must come from both sides and that will not happen in the near future. WARNING! WARNING! Disengage! Great piece.

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07 April 2011

Listening to two radio programs concerning natural health and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Vitamin Shelf" with Dave Stouder at 7 AM PDT and "The Balancing Point" with Dr. John Nieters at 8 AM PDT on KESTRadio.com. http://bit.ly/cNWQlU Only you can take responsibility for your health. "Can you name one drug that makes you healthy?

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30 March 2011

Purchase of Alaska - Qwiki

Too bad. Sarah could have been Queen of Alaska.

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Sheep shot, stolen in Napa County

Oakland woman's cardboard bottle uses less plastic


Cool concept. Good luck Ms. Corbett. Would love to see the milk pouch south of the northern border.

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Study: Packaged food raises levels of bisphenol A

Hope you have reduced your exposure to bisphenol A, too.
P.S. Hope you don't use those dreaded dryer sheets. Don't like wearing clothing with unknown chemicals coating them. Wonder what rubs of onto my skin.

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09 March 2011

Average American*?

I always thought that my wife and I were average Americans*. Recently I began looking at "America" and how most of the citizens live their lives. I have had to reconsider our status as "average" Americans. We do not eat fast food, conusme soft drinks, like tall food, shop at Costco and Walmart. We do not Facebook. We drive a Prius. We eat organic foods when possible. Given we do not follow the average American eating and buying demographics, I have come to the conclusion that we are not "average" Americans. We are AB normal Americans. Actually, we are AB normal USers**.


*I loosely use the term "American" to represent those individuals that reside in the nation we call the United States of America.

**The term "USer" has yet to gain popularity in the general media. Since all people residing in North, Central and South America are Americans, the term "USer" would be more appropriate in labeling those who live in the United States of America. (Also given that we USers consume more per capita than other countries the label is even more relevant.) 

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26 February 2011

USDA deregulates GMO corn engineered to produce fuel, not food

Corn ethanol is one of the greatest wastes of energy we have yet devised. Corn is one of the least economical "food" crops we can produce. "What is corn good for? Absolutely nothing!" When will they learn?

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Chinese companies mass producing fake rice out of plastic?

One way to get rid of those ubiquitous plastic bags.

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25 February 2011

BlogPost - ♪♫ George Harrison's birthday celebrated with streaming concert

Happy Birthday, George. Hard to believe. Miss you.

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DEA to legalize marijuana chemical for Big Pharma but keep it a crime for everyone else

More proof that the U.S. government is in bed with the pharmaceuticals. This marriage is a danger to your health. Let your representatives know that this is wrong. Morally wrong. And costing our country billions of dollars.

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24 February 2011

23 February 2011

More historic snow photos from the Bay Area : The Poop

More snow photos.

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A century of snow in San Francisco : The Poop

Some cool photos.

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Cold temps, precipitation could bring snow to SF

And snow in our hamlet?

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Blooming Winter Iris

Given all the weird weather we have had this winter, it is amazing that some of our iris have been blooming since December. The are "rebloomers" but in winter? Nice to have the color in the front yard. They are still going strong today (23Feb11). They may be wearing a cloak of snow this weekend if the forecast is correct.

Christmas Iris


Suzy and the iris. 10Feb11

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