10 January 2011

Song of the times, again.

#nowplaying For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield, via @Osfoora

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U.S. moves forward with unique internet ID for all Americans

http://j.mp/f3g7dh Welcome to 1984. They might as well chip us. Of course TSA and Homeland Secutity will use this information. We're not idiots. Just sheep. Thanks to @TwitterBulletin

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06 January 2011

We are now spying on each other thanks to the TSA.

Florida professor arrested after carrying suspicious bagel on airplane http://ht.ly/3zyfu #TSA =Gestapo+KGB. 

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Most professional medical journals refuse to publish alternative medicine study results. Why?

In collusion with the FDA*, the pharmaceuticals and doctors say no. They would lose masses of money if the truth came out. The truth would revolutionize our health and medical systems.** Are they really interested in our health or in their own wallet? Remember, your health is in your hands. Educate yourself and become healthier. *FDA Fraud and Disinformation Agency **Note, our "health" and "medical" organizations are not the same thing. One protects our health. The other makes money.

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Check out Mike Adams the Health Ranger.

Another resource if you care about your health and want to do something about it. http://bit.ly/OyRy3 Find him on NaturalNews.com http://bit.ly/dBikL5

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Going to listen to "The Balancing Point" at 8AM on KESTRadio.com.

If you are interested in TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine) you may want to listen to Dr. John Nieters. An eye opener. Only you are responsible for your own health.

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Listening to The Vitamin Shelf Radio Program

The Vitamin Shelf Radio Disclaimer

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In a nutshell.... The government (FDA, FCC, etc.) enforces certain orthodoxy when it comes to matters of health. You may not realize this, but a drug is defined as ANY SUBSTANCE that is used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or prevent a disease. In other words, anything that effects health, magically becomes a "drug" and only doctors are allowed to legally prescribe or recommend "drugs" so anyone who talks about health who believes that Health Is Not Pharmaceutical runs a risk of offending the laws of the medical orthodoxy.

Free Speech permits me to voice my opinions, but this gets tricky in a commercial arena. I can say, "Prunes can relieve constipation". But if I have a store or website that sells prunes, then my statement has positioned the Prunes as a "drug". Prunes are not approved as a drug for constipation and now I have "crossed the line". I know this sounds silly but this is the way that the medical industry attempts to silence their critics under the guise of fighting "quackery".


You are about to be exposed to information that may encourage you to take responsibility for your own health. Said information will likely stand in stark contrast to what you may hear from typical doctors. If you feel capable of judging the sensibility of health information for yourself, click "ACCEPT".

If exposing yourself to opinions outside medical orthodoxy seems irresponsible or dangerous, choose below...

"DECLINE" or I have Nutriphobia

"The Vitamin Shelf" on KEST Radio. Interesting program that discusses natural health supplements. Check it out.

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03 January 2011

"Just Say No to Drugs" and our "War On Drugs" - good but misdirected policies.

Nancy Reagan was right. President Nixon was correct in beginning his "War On Drugs". Unfortunately they were focusing on the wrong drugs. The real health problem in this country is the use of overly promoted drugs legally prescribed by Western doctors. The influence of the giant pharmaceutical companies on our medical system is a crime and must be stopped AND punished. The pharmaceutical industry kills more Americans every year than terrorists. So what happened to our "War On Drugs"? The small percentage of politicians and doctors who know the truth are afraid to confront the powerful pharmaceuticals. They would lose all that money the drug companies throw around. The remaining doctors and politicos have no idea of the truth about the drug companies and are just greedy. Politicians and pharmaceuticals make up an enormously strong alliance that must be confronted now. That begs the question, who is left to fight the "War On Drugs"? Only the individual. Become informed about your health. Become involved in your health. Find out what the true "side effects" of all the drugs you are taking. (A doctor once said "There are no side effects, only effects.") Find alternatives to the drugs you are consuming. Change you diet, change your life style and exercise. You CAN reduce your drug intake. Educate your representatives in Congress. Ask them how much money they receive from drug companies. What is the FDA and other governmental bodies doing to protect your health? It has been said, in the end, it is your responsibility to protect your health. Who do you trust with your life?

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Use of NSAID, proton pump inhibitors, statins, etc, all can lead to dementia.

Listening to "The Medicine Men" on KESTRadio.com. Drugs are only a quick fix for a health problem. Drugs have poisoned our population. Diet, exercise and knowledge are the true ways to good health. There is no such thing as a "senior moment". If you have senior moments you have a problem. Low blood pressure as well as high blood pressure can lead to dementia.

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01 January 2011

Forty Years Ago, Three Amazing Days

Three days, forty years ago, that influenced my life... 31 December 1970 Paul McCartney files suit for the dissolution of The Beatles. 1 January 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers win their first National Football Championship. http://bit.ly/gOLFGQ. 2 January 1971 Our wedding day. Three amazing days in history.

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