16 October 2011

Queen of the Sun. {Bioneers}

Queen of the Sun. {Bioneers}

Occupy Wall Street

Always thought it started too late in the season(s). Movement needs to move south during the winter and also begin boycotting big corporations. Must survive and win.

10 October 2011

No Posting For A While

I will not be posting here or other social sites for a while. Will it save a little server space and electricity needed to maintain the huge server farms? Who knows? Will anyone care? When I delete some of my old tweets and blog posts will it save even more? Foolish? Possibly. Lonely? Yes. 

H.U.M.P. Day (Hitch Up My Pony)

I’m hitching up my pony and will attempt to use as little electricity and as few petroleum based products as I can for the remainder of the day. As in the horse and buggy days?

Did you turn on the light to read your morning paper? Perhaps you arose too early. Try reading in the morning light tomorrow. I did today. It was nice. Do you turn on the light in the shower or water closet when you actually don’t need it?

Billions of us post something online almost every day. Why are we keeping tweets, or blog posts in all their forms for years and years? Are they really that important to most of us? Do we really need to keep everything we compose into perpetuity?  A journal of your life may be important. So be it. But of the extraneous fluff?  Do we need ever expanding server farms and their increasing demand for electricity to store what we once thought were eloquent words? Have you thought to deleting the tweets you posted several years ago? Are they relevant today?  Didn’t think so. Does it really matter how many tweets you have posted? Something you post today is most likely forgotten by most humans in a week or two. If or when I return to the online world, I will begin deleting my early tweets and blog postings and free up some space somewhere for the next stupendous “best seller” and save some electricity. (But will I waste more power deleting my fluff?)

Are you going to H.U.M.P. today, tomorrow? Once a year is a start but once a month or once a week would create a larger difference. If nothing else you might feel better about yourself. Now that I have just wasted all this electricity producing ones and zeros and wasting electricity, I’m thinking of hitching Ol’ Bess up for several days and see what happens.

Happy H.U.M.P Day.