09 May 2009

Relax - New Chairs

Bought some new Adirondack lawn chairs, made of recycled plastics, to relax with Suzy in the front yard.

Helping the economy and environment.

Suzy loves to lie in the shade all afternoon and explain to me what she wants to bark about on her blog. One reason we don't get much done. :-)


03 May 2009


The race is on at Watson Hollow Gastropod Course. Call your own race.


02 May 2009

The Swallows Of Watson Hollow

Due to the replacement of an old bridge where these swallows nested, the birds have begun to build nests under the eaves of nearby homes. This was filmed 27 Mar 2008. Home owners have resorted to nest destruction and hanging strips Mylar under the eaves. The swallows have returned again this year.