22 January 2012

New Place To Blog

From now on I will occasionally blog at South of Tonight. Google insists that members share more and more of their personal lives by linking all things Google. If I want to share I will say when I want to share. I shouldn't have to opt-out. Google has become another Fookbase. "Do no harm." That is BS. Goodbye Blogger/Google. You have crossed the line. Any comments should be made at my WordPress blog. I will not return to this blog. So long.

20 December 2011

Eleven Years Ago


Eleven years ago our dear Freda adopted us. Thank you for picking us. You made us very happy. Miss you.

16 December 2011

Fookbase (FB) Warning

How much does Fookbase know about you? Video may frighten you. But we have all closed our FB accounts. Right? Or do you live on the edge? http://tnw.co/vlEPCQ #fb #fookbase #max

15 December 2011