31 August 2009

New Twitter Avatar

Now for something completely different. This photo is the closest thing I have to a high school senior picture.

Check out the suit and tie. That's how one traveled in those days.

Our family moved to Kano, Nigeria the summer before my senior year. I completed my last year in high school through correspondence studies while living in Kano. It was a blast. I may have missed all the senior year activities but I would not trade it for the time I spent in Kano. What could be better than to spend a year in a totally foreign culture at such an impressionable age.

Given Nigeria was a former British colony, still with close ties to the mother country, and The Beatles were in the middle of their career, it was a teenager's paradise. We, there were six kids about the same age, would listen to "Pick of the Pops" on the Beeb (BBC) and get the latest news about music in England. Each week we would go into town and check out the latest British record releases at the Kingsway department store. At Christmas, the English kids came home from school in England and brought with them the brand new "Beatles For Sale" LP. Did I mention heaven?

The photo was taken on a Seine River cruise in Paris. I was on my way back to the States to attend university. I have the fondest memories of that year. One of the most wonderful years of my life.


26 August 2009

Bloomin' Rebloomers

We are excited. Two of our rebloomer iris are reblooming, even if Suzy sat on one and broke the stalk. The growers said they have yet to have this happen on their farm for this variety. Not the dog sitting part.

A reblooming "Midnight Caller".

Will be getting ready to plant our newly arrived iris in several weeks.


21 August 2009

"Paul Robeson" Heirloom

We enjoyed our first "Paul Robeson" heirloom tomato today. It was very yummy.

Heirloom, the only way to go.