30 June 2010

Grass Fed Burgers and Franks From Hearst Ranch

Our grass fed burgers and hotdogs from the Hearst Ranch (http://bit.ly/97MLiU) arrived today. A few of them will be consumed over the Fourth weekend. An interesting site. Worth a look.

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29 June 2010

Watching Spain v Portugal Football Match

Reminds me of when I dislocated a knee while playing football in Kano, Nigeria.

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28 June 2010

Easy Installation of the Crystal Film For the iPad From Power Support (No Video)

I just finished the very easy installation of the Crystal Film for the iPad from Power Support,
http://bit.ly/1dUQVO. It took more time to prepare the "clean room" than it did to apply the screen protector itself. I had read that the bathroom would be a good location in which to work because of little air movement and less dust.

First I watched the Power Support Youtube "How To" videos about the "iPod" screen protector application procedure. I then taped plastic over the bathroom air vent. I assembled all the needed items. Some Scotch tape, just in case. A brand new microfiber eyeglass cloth I happened to have and an older microfiber cloth. I ran the shower to add a little humidity to the air and settle any dust. I removed the film from the mailer and packaging in another room and placed it in the clean room. I closed the door, read the directions and washed my hands. I cleaned the iPad screen first with the older cloth, then the new cloth. After three attempts, the alignment was spot on and I slowly curled the backing from the film and let gravity and the static properties of the protector do the work. In less than two minutes the film was applied and four small air bubbles near one edge were rubbed out. Nice! Was I lucky or is the Power Support screen protector easy to apply?

BE CAREFUL! I suggest cutting off the flap of the product package once it is opened and before you remove the film. The adhesive may contaminate the film, as it did mine. After the film was applied, I easily removed three very small bits of adhesive I found on the film by rubbing with a microfiber cloth. The Scotch tape may work on larger blotches. I don't know.

I selected the Crystal Film over the Anti-Glare hoping to preserve the clarity of the iPad screen. I do not know if the AG film would effect the clarity but I did notice a reduction in definition when I applied a competitor's anti-glare film on my iPod Touch last year.

Of course, the feel of the screen protector is not as slick and sexy as the naked glass but it feels fine and it appears the clarity is little effected. I feel more comfortable now that the iPad screen is better protected from the heavy use it will receive.

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The Gulf Coast Will Recover From This Oil Disaster

Unfortunately, it may not be in our lifetime. The wildlife and vegetation may be different. Present livelihoods may be lost but the Gulf of Mexico will recover. For the better? That remains to be seen.

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Overhead Chorus

And now the killdeer begin their "Overhead Chorus".

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A Manic Minimal Monday

Sounds of a crowing rooster, a ring-necked pheasant, mourning dove, house finches, and our frisky pigeons. It is 67 degrees outside, 75 inside and 80 in the studio. Looking to reach 99 degrees again today.

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27 June 2010

Hot Hot Hot

First day we have had to turn on the A/C. Missed the 96° day earlier in the month.


Steeling Myself For Battle

Preparing to attempt to apply a screen protector to the iPad. Could be a long evening.

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Sunday Morning

Roused from slumber by either a raucous pair of breeding pigeons or an angry Archaeopteryx.

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26 June 2010

"Man on the Train" (L'Homme du Train) 2002 R (2002) ☆☆☆☆☆

A weathered old gangster (Johnny Hallyday) arrives by train at a small French town to rob the local bank. But he soon discovers there's no room at the local inn...

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25 June 2010

Saw our first killdeer chick of the season.

It hatched while we were in Colorado. Now just keep the feral cats away. Last year we observed only two killdeer chicks. One was run over and the other disappeared. Think the feral cats munched most of the clutches of 2009. Had always seen several clutches each year until the cats appeared. Neutering feral cats may be an option for urban locales but in rural areas they need to be relocated or otherwise controlled. They are a bane to the native wildlife.

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