29 September 2011

How Now Brown Cow

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream and Virgil's Root Beer


19 September 2011

14 September 2011

(Delta)Bunny Observed At Sacramento Airport

Thanks to Splash for letting us know that there is a large red (Delta)Bunny residing at the new terminal at the Sacramento Airport. Will always be reminded of Freda when we stroll by.


Freda would have been pleased. Much appreciated, Splash. Thank you.

More photos of the red bunny can be seen here.

10 September 2011

08 September 2011

Super Nova

Frankie has welcomed me to the Pleasuredome where we will try to observe the super nova somewhere near Hollywood.

Posted via email from South of Tonight


Have observed a large number of dragonflies this summer. Noticed many of these critters perched on the sidewalk this morning. This one allowed me to approach very close to snap a few close-ups.