23 November 2010

More Scanner-Proof Undies That Promise to Hide Your Junk : Discovery News

Airport Security Body Scanner

A TSA employee demonstrates the use of a full body scanner at a security checkpoint. Click to enlarge this image.
AP Photo

More flying undies. If all flyer start wearing flying undies the TSA will have a difficult time figuring out if that bulge is C-4 or the real thing. Maybe I need to run out and buy several pair. This aluminum foil is starting to chafe. Remember, if you go for the grope, ask for clean gloves.

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Flying somewhere? You can choose either a full body scan or a very personal pat-down. (Nudity warning)

If you take the pat-down be sure to ask the agent to use a clean pair of surgical gloves. I certainly don't want someone's Egg McMuffin, KFC grease, snot, spittle or what have you smeared all over my clothing. Also tell them you are allergic to latex and please use vinyl gloves. That should piss them off. Oh, and plan on adding a minimum of thirty minutes to your airport arrival time in case you need to strip. Or you could buy a set of Flying Pasties. Don't know if the pasties work but the web site is interesting. #flyingpasties #latexgloves #surgicalgloves #TSA #vinylgloves

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22 November 2010

Where were you when you heard of the shooting of JFK? I was...

in English class. In the middle of class, our teacher was called out into the hall. Several minutes later she returned looking very pale. She braced herself against the wall holding her chest and said "He's been shot! The President's been shot." We were released for lunch. The radio broadcast was piped into the lunchroom. That is where I heard that the President had died. It was very traumatic for all of us. President Kennedy and Vice President Johnson had visited our high school on the 13th of December the previous year. I even touched Kennedy's sleeve as he walked along the fence shaking hands. And then came the Jack Ruby episode...

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Looking forward to watching LENNONYC on PBS tonight | American Masters

Always think of what would have been. A moist eye viewing experience?

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Mum started the sauerbraten today. Will be ready Thursday.

Using grass fed beef and as much organic goodies as we can find.

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Freda Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Two Years Ago Today

Freda loved playing with the shower.

She couldn't wait until the shower was turned on.

At the time we thought her antics were a hassle but we certainly wish she was still up to her old tricks. We truly miss her and she is always in our thoughts and in our hearts.

If you missed her life story it can ben seen at http://deltabunny.blogspot.com/


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The insidious blue eff(ing) "Like" button has now invaded #MySpace.

More and more websites and businesses are jumping on the #Facebook bandwagon by adding the blue "Like" button. Does the folktale of lemming behavior come to mind? And now with a Facebook email address all those #lemmings can communicate with one another as they cascade over the cliff. It appears that lemmings do not fear Big Brother.   

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Silent Sunday

Survived another Silent Sunday. #silentsunday No socializing on the Internet. Just relaxing and saving energy.

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20 November 2010

"The Pirates of Panama" by John Esquemeling

4 of 5 stars to "The Pirates of Panama" True Account ... by John Esquemeling http://bit.ly/9TrkyW

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19 November 2010

Lost and Found

Found a twenty dollar bill today that someone had dropped on the walk. Lucky! Gave it to a man in need thirty minutes later. He was even luckier. He was so surprised and happy. I feel good.

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18 November 2010

DEA Nominee Promises To Ignore State Medical Marijuana Laws-Thanks Toke of the Town


Graphic: Safer Texas Campaign
​Texas politicians are heavily under the influence of alcohol -- big alcohol industry money, that is.

With Texas politicians collecting a significant percentage of their campaign contributions from the alcohol industry after the November election, the Safer Texas Campaign is renewing its call on elected representatives to stop accepting such money until Texas allows the regulated use and sale of marijuana as a safer alternative to alcohol.

According to campaign records provided by the nonpartisan, nonprofit FollowtheMoney.org, the five Texas politicians who have received the largest contributions from the alcohol industry are:

• Governor Rick Perry
• U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
• Lt. Governor David Dewhurst
• Texas House Speaker Joe Straus
• Attorney General Greg Abbott

These five politicians accepted a total of $1.4 million from Big Alcohol during the 2010 election cycle, according to the Safer Texas Campaign, which is a project of ProtectYouth.org.

Continue reading...

Michelle Leonhart needs to go far far away. She has reversed herself as any good politician. Under GOP (Grand Ostrich [head in the sand] Party) pressure she is caving in on DEA's earlier statement concerning hands-off medicinal pot and patients. The pharmaceuticals must be paying her, too.

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Trying to take my Leonid Shower with the roosters.

Partly cloudy. Oh, there's one. Another. Nice one. Near the Big Dipper. Sort of like trying to run between raindrops. Curtain of clouds keeping me dry. Back to my slumber.

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17 November 2010

Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | StarDate Online

Hope you can catch it if you haven't already.

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Acupuncture May Be More Effective Than Conventional Therapy In Treating Lower Back Pain

There is so much Traditional Chinese Medicine can contribute to the health and welfare of our society. And certainly lower the cost. Talk to your Representatives and Senators about including TCM in the Healthcare structure. Press the FDA to seriously study TCM and stop the stranglehold the pharmaceuticals have over that regulatory body. Their drugs truly are poisoning our country.

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15 November 2010

Anna's hummingbird chirps with its tail

For the past several weeks I have been observing the interesting behavior of an Anna's Hummingbird as he courts the females in our yard. The "chirps" he produces are fairly loud. It is exciting to watch his hovering high above the female and then his rapid plummet in front of the perched female.

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Feel good after experiencing my first #silentsunday.

No socialization on the Internet on Sundays. No #Twitter, #Posterous or #Tumblr. Rather relaxing. And saved a little electricity by not pushing electrons all over the earth. A little reading and drawing.

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12 November 2010

This does not bode well for winter.

This is a true winter temperature not an autumn temp. Where are my silk long johns?

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10 November 2010

From San Francisco Chronicle's Wayback Machine-1910 "A busy day for the Chinatown barbers."

Nov. 7: Yesterday was a busy day for the Chinatown barbers. Following the example set a couple of days ago by Consul-General Li Yung Yew, many of the residents of Chinatown have decided to have their queues cut off. There was a steady procession of well-known Chinatown residents to barber shops and many queues which had for years been a source of pride fell victims to the operators' shears. A peculiar feature of the crusade against the queue is that the "highbinders" or gunmen are refusing to sacrifice their long hirsute appendages. This is not because of any religious belief but is due to the fact that the police when capturing Chinese criminals invariably grasp them by the queue. The removal would, therefore be looked upon as a cowardly act in that it deprives the police of a means to subdue a fighting highbinder. The feeling is much like that of the American Indians who would grow a scalp lock to an extreme length to show contempt for their enemies. It was predicted that the possession of a queue would soon be the insignia of the gunfighter or would-be "bad man," and that staid businessmen would welcome the imperial authorization which enables them to do without the queue, which typifies the domination of the Tartar race over the Manchus.

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09 November 2010

Facebook Finds A New Way To Liberate Your Gmail Contact Data (Facebook Is A Dangerous Black Hole)

That huge sucking sound you hear is Facebook, piling data from third parties into its mouth as fast as it can while it remains stubbornly greedy about releasing its own data to anyone it doesn’t like. Which is mostly Google these days, since Yahoo and AOL completely surrendered and Microsoft actually owns part of them.

Google shut them down last week, restricting API access and effectively blocking contacts exports to Facebook in any automated way. This is, I wrote, the true beginning of data protectionism.

Now Facebook has found a way around that restriction. They’re leveraging a Google feature that lets users download their own data for their own use – part of Google’s golf-clap worthy data liberation effort. They’ve hacked a solution around the block by giving users a direct deep link to the download feature. And then users can upload that file directly to Facebook.

Can Google block this? One engineer I spoke with says yes, but it will be difficult: “If Google wanted to, they could block it immediately. it’s pretty simple. just put a CSRF token on the url to block deep linking but that might fuck up other CSV flows. Maybe they have an outlook importer or something. facebook really went aggressive here.”

It’s also a big middle finger to Google.

Update: Google’s response here.

Google image

Website: google.com
Location:Mountain View, California, United States
Founded: September 7, 1998
IPO: August 19, 2004

Google provides search and advertising services, which together aim to organize and monetize the world’s information. In addition to its dominant search engine, it offers a plethora of online tools and platforms including:… Learn More

Facebook image

Website: facebook.com
Location:Palo Alto, California, United States
Founded: February 1, 2004
Funding: $836M

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over 500 million users.

Facebook was founded by… Learn More

Information provided by CrunchBase

Another reason why I call Facebook a black hole. Everything goes in but nothing comes out. Facebook is a dangerous online community. It is getting freaky. I would rather trust my online info to the all-powerful Wizard of Oz. Thanks Toto.

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Sendible Attack May Have Uncovered A Big Facebook Security Flaw. Huge Pages Compromised.

We’ve just received about a half dozen rapid fire tips all showing the same thing: the Facebook app Sendible compromised in a major way.

It appears that several of the largest Facebook Pages including Google, Coca-Cola, YouTube, South Park, The Daily Show, Team Coco and others are now sending out a malicious link to all of their followers that reads “Change Your Facebook Background Here!” Obviously, don’t click on it.

A few people who did click on the link reported that it took you to a page outside of Facebook that asks you for some information about you. The bottom of the page reads “Powered By AWeber Email Marketing”.

The weirdest part is just how many other Facebook users are “liking” these links.

We’ve contacted Facebook about the issue and will update when we hear back from them. But these accounts compromised seem to suggest that this link is showing up in tens of millions of feeds right now.

Update: And it looks like most of the malicious links have now been taken down. But more tips are coming in that the attack is ongoing and other links keep popping up. Still no word yet from Facebook on the incident.

Update 2: From Mazy Kazerooni:

The Sendible hack hit Lil Wayne’s Facebook page (15 MM fans). I’m an admin, blocked the app. They tried to post multiple times

Update 3: And now Sendible is saying it wasn’t them that was hacked, instead this may be a Facebook security exploit:

Just to clarify, Sendible was not hacked. One of our users has discovered a major flaw in Facebook’s security.

Just to clarify, Sendible was not hacked. One of our users has discovered a major flaw in Facebook's security.

about 2 hours ago via webRetweet

Update 4: Says Facebook:

We’re looking into this now and will let you know as soon as we hear something.

[image via moyajaya]

Facebook image

Website: facebook.com
Location:Palo Alto, California, United States
Founded: February 1, 2004
Funding: $836M

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over 500 million users.

Facebook was founded by… Learn More

Information provided by CrunchBase

One reason I am glad I closed my Facebook account.

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Enjoying my information experience with Qwiki, the new and exciting way to experience information.

A great visual method of information gathering. Ask for your invitation.

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08 November 2010

RockMelt - Your Browser. Re-imagined. Connect for an invitation.

Going to try the new browser RockMelt. Put my request in for an invitation. Give the new guys a shot. The other browsers have made their money. And I like the name.

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1.1.11 - When marijuana possession becomes only an infraction.

Tobacco and alcohol are legal and certainly cause more health problems. The times they are a changing and it's getting better all the time. California leads the way, as usual.

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05 November 2010

Sandhill Crane Festival of Lodi, CA

Visit the region, if you can. The cranes are amazing. Really a must see.

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