16 January 2009


A photo of our GPS map shows Trilogy' gold course at Rio Vista looks like a butterfly. Trilogy's logo is a butterfly. Serendipity or smart marketing?


15 January 2009


Political cartoonist Nate Beeler was spot on with his cartoon on 13 January 2009 in The Examiner. An apt monument to the Presidency of W. You can click on Nate Beeler Toons and scroll down to 'The Bush Legacy' to view the great cartoon.


09 January 2009


Can't believe my beloved Iva cookies are gone. Originally made by my great-grand mother, mother and now my wife.

The very last one until next December...

They taste so good. ALL GONE!!


07 January 2009

Send Our Respects to W

I think it would be a grand gesture if we all sent W a pair of shoes to show our respect and appreciation for his work the past eight years. Maybe even send shoes to those in his administration who helped him along the way.

After the shoes arrive, the government can donate them to the homeless and various shelters. So with one action we can achieve two results. Sounds good to me.


If Only It Would Happen...

If you missed NPR's Terry Gross on Fresh Air today I recommend a listen. Philippe Sands discusses his new book and the repercussions of the Bush torture legacy. Philippe Sands Considers A Legacy Of 'Torture' : NPR

The Bush Administration has to own up to it's actions. If they won't, someone else may push the point.


05 January 2009

STOP!! No, Don't Stop!!

Like many others, we received lots of goodies for the holidays.

Ashley and John sent us wonderful toffee...

Vern's Toffee House

Jeanne and Marshall sent us chocolate covered pretzels...

Romero's Gourmet Chocolate
Apparently coated pretzels and coffee are favs in Philly.

Frona and Hank sent us peanuts...

Aunt Ruby's Peanuts

And Judy and David gave us a great cake of fudge...

And I want to lose two more pounds.