31 October 2008

Oh, Nature!

We have finally received our first rain since March.

Suisun Valley Rainfall Totals

2002-03: 29.16 inches
2003-04: 21.55
2004-05: 28.49
2005-06: 43.22
2006-07: 15.35
2007-08: 27.27

While removing the patio furniture cushions before the rains, I was pleased to find a Pacific Treefrog. Oh, nature!


More Spider Parachutes

Wednesday, 29 Oct 2008, proved to be a ‘banner’ day for parachuting spiders. Perfect temperature and wind conditions. Have never seen so many parachuting spiders. Would have freaked out trick-or-treaters. The real thing.


28 October 2008

Dark Brew

The only brew is a dark brew. It’s got to have flavor.

14 October 2008

Parachuting Spiders

Walking might be hazardous to your health. You may turn into a mummy.

Yesterday we took our dog,
Freda, for her afternoon walk. It was a pleasant day with a slight breeze. Thousands of young spiders were parachuting in the air. Below you can see the silken parachutes that have wrapped around a sign post.

A brief film of the silk blowing in the wind.

If one remained outdoors long enough on such a day, would one become wrapped like a cocoon? Do I have enough time to find out? Help me Boris.


12 October 2008

Rio Vista Bass Festival

This weekend was the annual Rio Vista Bass Festival and the city's 150th anniversary celebration. Our local art club, the Trilogy Art Guild, hosted a three day art gallery during the festival. I had nine or ten watercolors and oils on display. A nice turn out. The public hoped the gallery would become permanent. No sugar daddies came forth.


08 October 2008

Financial Problems?

Looks like comfort food to me. Pour a cup of joe,
lean back, take another bite and enjoy.


04 October 2008

Local Palin Party? SHAZAM!

Gosh! By golly! Did I miss the local congratulatory party for Ms. Palin?

Gee whiz! On my afternoon walk, I may have found a remnant of the big party. No expense spared, I see. Wonder what I missed?

I don't ever remember seeing Sarah in any Python skits. Strange. Wonder what Michael thinks of all this? Would he run?
No, not a U.S citizen. Too bad. Gosh darn!


03 October 2008


My father's ashes were interred with military honors. Time to wind the clock and begin anew.