31 December 2008

Poor Bird

We wondered why the birds had forsaken our feeder for the past two days.

Guess one of them became a meal itself. We do have several cats in the hood and the hawks are always patrolling.


New Year, New Twitter Avatar/Icon

New Twitter avatar

Trying out new avatar on my Twitter account, Twitter / Iquitoz. See if the icon will fly. Need to reduce my photo to get a better tiled background.


30 December 2008

Freda's Myminicity, Frévilla

Some time ago, our dog, Freda, began to build her own myminicity, Frévilla, in Spain. In her honor, I am going to continue construction in Frevilla. I hope that you might stop by and help out once in a while. You might even want to start your own city.

Several of Freda's friends have also started their own cities. Charlie started New Charleroi in France, Joe Stains started Stainsville here in the United States and Sophie began to build the Italian city of Sophenze.

As each city's population grows, industry and transportation needs will grow also. To add an industry to some one's city, or your own, you will need to add the letters "ind" to the end of the URL before going to that address. For example, the URL "http://new-charleroi.myminicity.com/" will increase the population, but "http://stainsville.myminicity.com/ind" will add an industry to Joey's city. The same applies for transportation. Adding "tra" to the URL and "http://sophenze.myminicity.com/tra" will add a transportation upgrade to Sophie's city.

It sounds a little confusing but once you get the knack it is quite easy. Just remember to add the three letter code to the basic URL to add something other than a new inhabitant. As the cities grow more options will be available.

An IMPORTANT POINT: You can click on each city only once a day from the same computer.

Clicking on Frevilla-ind right now will add an industry to Freda's city.

Clicking Frevilla-tra will add a transportation upgrade.

Let me know if you have started a city and I will help you. Help some friends, have fun and thank you.


P.S. I have started my own city at Iquitoz - MyMiniCity.

29 December 2008

New Look

Added the pomegranate banner and selected a new template.
Tweaked colors.
Will see if this will hold up for a while.


28 December 2008


Why does it take so long to upload a photo in Blogger? Sunday evening/night is a waste of time trying to do anything blog wise. Good night.


24 December 2008


I know this has been around a lot but it is always good to see it again. To see a dog enjoying life to the fullest reminds us that humans need to do the same, no matter what the season.

Thanks to Bailey and Friends for this great video.



23 December 2008


Who hasn't received this via email? Well, there may be a few.

Haven't seen any Reindeer Jerky on her
website yet. Won't be long. You betcha!

We certainly don't miss the Alaskan winters. And are VERY glad we are not living there now.

Wonder how many blogs are posting this cute photo.


22 December 2008

Coffee Shops Serving Oatmeal, Hmmm...

Heard on NPR this morning that coffee shops have begun serving oatmeal. It's a big money maker. (Oatmeal Is Hot In Chilly Economy : NPR)

Don't know if they would make any money with my 12 item oatmeal spread...

Brown Sugar
Ground Flax Seed
Sunflower Seeds
Dried Fruit
Roasted Soy Beans

Cup of Joe anyone?.


20 December 2008

Tripod Sunset

"Tripod Sunset"

Nice walk.


Eight Years Ago in the Mile High City

It was eight years ago today that our beloved Freda came into our lives. I had seen her photo on the Denver Dumb Friends League web site.

She barked that she wasn't electric.

She was a frightened, dirty, scrawny forty-four pound dog that took our heart away. One look and I knew she was the one.
Twenty additional pounds later and a little cleaning up and she looked rather nice...

Freda, thank you for your loyalty, companionship and love.


18 December 2008

Wood Turning

Yesterday we met our friends Amy and Mike for lunch in Sonoma. Had a great meal at The Red Grape.

For Christmas they gave us two wonderful wooden pieces they turned themselves. A beautiful sea urchin ornament with stained Myrtlewood, turned by Amy ...

Six inch Myrtlewood Sea Urchin Ornament

And a wonderful Maple burl bowl turned by Mike...

Eight and one half inch Maple Burl Bowl

Wish I was as artistically talented as Amy and Mike. Beautiful pieces. Thank you Mike and Amy.


16 December 2008

Having a Wild Week(end)?

The past week has been very busy. Week ago Monday had neighbors over for dessert and a Deaver's Orange Muscat. Friday went to another neighbor's for dinner. Saturday a Christmas party, yesterday a Christmas brunch and now we're off to meet our friends, Amy and Mike, in Sonoma at The Red Grape.

But to pay for all this wickedness I had to do some gardening before the much needed rains arrived Saturday and Sunday. Read about the proper mulching of trees (Mulching Trees) and found we had to enlarge the mulching area ...

Removed some very small shrubs, Euonymus japonicus Microphyllus Variegatus, from beneath our bedroom window and transplanted a few Fortnight Lily, African Iris (Dietes vegeta)...

And was Royal Taster for the four batches of Christmas fudge...

And updated this blog.

Such is life...


15 December 2008

Bloody Mary's 75th Anniversary

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Bloody Mary. A brief visit to Foster's Big Horn Bar and Restaurant in Rio Vista, CA. Black wolf and Big Horn can be seen on wall, among a few other 'trophies'.


Foster's Big Horn Restaurant

Interior of Foster's Big Horn Restaurant in Rio Vista, California. Mr. Foster was a big game hunter in the middle of the 20th century. There are several hundred mounted specimens in the bar and restaurant. Largest mounted elephant head in world.


14 December 2008

Another Foggy Morning

It was a very foggy morning walk today.


13 December 2008

Mighty Mouse

Enjoying our new (and first) Mighty Mouse...


07 December 2008

06 December 2008

2008 Rio Vista Christmas Parade in Two Parts

The beginning of the very short 2008 Rio Vista Christmas Parade.

The exciting conclusion of the Rio Vista, CA 2008 Christmas Parade.

We are trying.


Frost Lights

Installed our 'Frost lights'. Mini Christmas lights to help keep the frost off our bower vines out front.


Forlorn Sound

Listened to the Canada geese flying over ALL night. Such a forlorn sound.


05 December 2008

Freda is Home

Freda is coming home. Vet called to say that her remains have arrived. Nice to get them and have some closure.

Freda is finally home.

"Homecoming Sunset"

Had a toast to welcome her home.

Will scatter some of her ashes at her favorite haunts on a foggy morn'.


04 December 2008


Sunset from the third green.


03 December 2008

Who Likes Shopping?

Went shopping today. What a disaster. Found some great shoes but shop didn't have my size. The coffee pump at Trader Joe's produced no coffee for me but did for the person BEHIND me. Salesperson at OfficeMax took the customer BEHIND me first. Christmas carols in shops were terrible. No classic carols sung by singers born before 1975, except one Beatles' song. You can not improve on the classic carols sung mid-century. And both of our burgers at IN-N-OUT were undercooked. A first for us.

At least our evening walk went well. Saw one great horned owl. Heard three others.

Finished the evening off with a little Maker's Mark.


02 December 2008

Hummingbird in the Backyard

Hummingbird 2 from DeltaGypsy on Vimeo.
My little buddy

This is the hummingbird that watches me each morning as I top off the fountains and replenish the bird food in the backyard. I took care of the Hummingbird Forest at the Denver Zoo for about ten years. Still amazes me that we see hummingbirds in December, but it is Rio Vista, California.

30 November 2008

Ready For An Emergency

I’m glad our emergency radio is ready. Ready for what I don’t know.


Turning Bridge on South Mokelumne River

Waiting for turning bridge at the South Mokelumne River on Highway 12, between Rio Vista and Lodi, California.

When you travel the California Delta out of Rio Vista, you must always add time to your trip due to the numerous draw or turn bridges. If you don't, YOU WILL BE LATE.


Help Feed Rescued Animals For Free

Please click here, The Animal Rescue Site, to provide free food and care to rescued dogs. The click is free. Bookmark for quick clicks. Thanks.


Petrol Prices Falling/Twitsaver

Petrol 1.71 last week. Today 1.65 cash in Rio Vista. SUV sales up. Guess some of us didn’t learn anything.

Update- 1:50 PM

Cool. My cheap petrol photo was shown on twitsaver. A Windows based screen saver. http://is.gd/9CNS


29 November 2008

Foggy Morn'

Nice foggy walk this morning. Could taste the tule fog. This is from the sixth tee.


28 November 2008

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Prop 8

A Prop 8 editorial. Unfortunately California chickens have more rights than gays.

YouTube - MSNBC Keith Olbermann on Prop 8, Marriage and more!


The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla - Dick Cavett Blog

Oh, so true. Well said, Mr. Cavett.

The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla - Dick Cavett Blog - NYTimes.com


Sauerbraten Thanksgiving

Several years ago we changed our traditional Thanksgiving meal from turkey and the typical trimmings to sauerbraten and new trimmings such as pumpkin soup, potato pancakes and lemon pie. Why? Several reasons. The wife has NEVER prepared a turkey. Someone else always did the work. Secondly, our son's favorite meal prepared by one of his grandmothers was sauerbraten. In honor of her memory, we began this new tradition.

Below are a few views of our meal:

Thanksgiving table

Sonja and the potato pancakes

Drew carving the sauerbraten and comments about Hell's Kitchen

Sauerbraten and potato pancakes

Did anyone ask the perennial question: Where does jello come from?

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving dinner.


27 November 2008

Turbine Sunset

"Turbine Sunset"


Heifer International

We are ‘spreading the wealth’. We donated a flock of chicks & a hive of honeybees at Heifer International. Felt good. Wish we could do more.


22 November 2008

Our Dear Freda

Our dear Freda, aka DeltaBunny aka Fog Dog, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today after a short illness. She passed peacefully.

She loved the tule fog. There was a heavy fog this morning, perhaps a harbinger.

This film was shot one week ago.

Music 'Dawn Fog' by Musicshake

Her passing was toasted with a glass of fine Maker's Mark and a toast of 'To God spelled backwards'.

A quiet hollowness now pervades our home.

Rest in Peace dear Freda. We miss you.

∆± (Jim and Faye)

Freda is Gone

Received call from vet, Dr. Ted, at 10:50 AM that Freda has a brain tumor and that we have done all we can. Can we bring her in today? Can’t believe that it has come so quickly. Thought we might have several more days with Freda but it was not to be. Her rapid decline was brought about by a brain tumor. Damn it!! Can’t believe it but the signs were there. Oh, Freda! We will miss you.

She was gone by 12:30. She went peacefully. In her final repose, she looked exactly like she was sleeping. So peaceful. Did have a nice toast, "To God spelled backwards", with a nice fine whiskey, Maker's Mark. Our darling Freda, gone.


21 November 2008

Sundown Syndrome (Freda)

Freda is experiencing the Sundown Syndrome. (“Sundowner” Syndrome in old dogs) Her quality of life is our first concern. Her schedule is now our schedule. She has not had a good night for some time. It is hard to see her confusion.


20 November 2008

Toy Safety Warning from Our Niece

A warning from Texas Children's Hospital concerning toy safety: Keep your kids safe this holiday - Houston News - abc13.com Jamie is our niece. Cool.


02 November 2008

£8 Fares to the US

Ryanair may offer £8 fares to the US. http://is.gd/5BZ2
OK… Will the return fare be £1000?


01 November 2008

Palin falls prey to Canadian pranksters

So Sarah Palin wants to hunt baby seals. You betcha!


Lusi Mud Volcano

Mud Eruption 'Caused by Drillling'

That’s soo nice. Maybe they can create a spa?


The Coho Salmon Have Returned

It was exciting to read in the SF Chronicle this morning that coho fry were found in the headwaters of the Garcia River in Mendocino County. (http://is.gd/5qaT) Maybe the counter culture of the area is doing something we should aspire to.


31 October 2008

Oh, Nature!

We have finally received our first rain since March.

Suisun Valley Rainfall Totals

2002-03: 29.16 inches
2003-04: 21.55
2004-05: 28.49
2005-06: 43.22
2006-07: 15.35
2007-08: 27.27

While removing the patio furniture cushions before the rains, I was pleased to find a Pacific Treefrog. Oh, nature!


More Spider Parachutes

Wednesday, 29 Oct 2008, proved to be a ‘banner’ day for parachuting spiders. Perfect temperature and wind conditions. Have never seen so many parachuting spiders. Would have freaked out trick-or-treaters. The real thing.


28 October 2008

Dark Brew

The only brew is a dark brew. It’s got to have flavor.

14 October 2008

Parachuting Spiders

Walking might be hazardous to your health. You may turn into a mummy.

Yesterday we took our dog,
Freda, for her afternoon walk. It was a pleasant day with a slight breeze. Thousands of young spiders were parachuting in the air. Below you can see the silken parachutes that have wrapped around a sign post.

A brief film of the silk blowing in the wind.

If one remained outdoors long enough on such a day, would one become wrapped like a cocoon? Do I have enough time to find out? Help me Boris.


12 October 2008

Rio Vista Bass Festival

This weekend was the annual Rio Vista Bass Festival and the city's 150th anniversary celebration. Our local art club, the Trilogy Art Guild, hosted a three day art gallery during the festival. I had nine or ten watercolors and oils on display. A nice turn out. The public hoped the gallery would become permanent. No sugar daddies came forth.


08 October 2008

Financial Problems?

Looks like comfort food to me. Pour a cup of joe,
lean back, take another bite and enjoy.


04 October 2008

Local Palin Party? SHAZAM!

Gosh! By golly! Did I miss the local congratulatory party for Ms. Palin?

Gee whiz! On my afternoon walk, I may have found a remnant of the big party. No expense spared, I see. Wonder what I missed?

I don't ever remember seeing Sarah in any Python skits. Strange. Wonder what Michael thinks of all this? Would he run?
No, not a U.S citizen. Too bad. Gosh darn!


03 October 2008


My father's ashes were interred with military honors. Time to wind the clock and begin anew.