28 April 2011

27 April 2011

How does one obtain past episodes of BBC's radio program(me) "The Archers"?

I have subscribed to the podcasts via iTunes. Only the previous week’s programs are available to new subscribers. I don’t need all 16,000+ episodes, just a few years or so. Well, it would be nice to start at the beginning. :-)

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26 April 2011

Finders keepers? The murky ethics of found money


Money I find, if owner unknown and small amounts, is given to the homeless. I take no charity donation deduction on my taxes.

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23 April 2011

Coca-Cola - Qwiki

Interesting this came up when it did.

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Coca-Cola is trying to be environmentally responsible. Good for them, kinda...

How about nutritionally responsible? Nutrition labels? Big deal. Old news. Those labels have been around for a while. How about removing HFCS that is made from GMO corn, that requires atrocious amounts of petrochemical fertilizers that are then washed down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to the Gulf of Mexico creating a dead zone? All those acres poisoned by chemical fertilizers could better be used to grow crops that would provide healthy, environmentally and nutritionally sound food crops. Instead, they produce GMO corn that is fed to millions of cattle forced into crowded, filthy feed lots eating a product they are not meant to consume thus requiring antibiotics that contaminate our beef. And how about all the corn products under multiple pseudonyms that pervade human food products? If Coca-Cola wants to be environmentally and nutritionally responsible at the same time, they can remove high fructose corn syrup from all their products. That would be great news on Earth Day. 

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22 April 2011

Earth Day - Qwiki

Nurture nature.

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Inside Scoop SF » On Earth Day, Rethinking the Paper Coffee Cup


And what about all those single cup, e.g. K-Cup, plastic cups? Luckily the industry is looking into a more environmentally responsible single brew container. We use a single cup brewer but use the optional wire basket that allows us to use the ground coffee of our choice. And it is also much easier to recycle the grounds. To show good faith in their statement of becoming environmentally friendly in the future, the single brew machine manufacturers should supply the over priced brewing basket free with all new coffee makers and to present owners. Brewing one cup of coffee, or tea for that matter, is a waste of energy. So even with a recyclable "K-Cup" or the screen basket, the single brew machine should be recycled and replaced with a French press or other more efficient coffee maker. And something else to consider, is bisphenol A present in the tubing of single brew coffee makers? How far will you go to help make Earth Day count?

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20 April 2011

Pay-by-phone? I don't think I will.

It said that we will be paying for just about everything with our subsidized smart phones in the near future. I think the advent of the near-field communication (NFC) payment system is fantastic. I have a real problem with the requirements though. Such as the possession of a smart phone and a monthly data plan. Not all of us will have a smart phone or want one. When the day comes when all purchases are made by bumping or swiping our communicator will the telecommunication monopolies subsidize the required smart phone monthly data plan? How many can actually afford the monthly phone bill now? If the big telcoms want us to use our smart phone (which we may be forced to obtain) to pay for our necessities, let alone to make a call, they will have to subsidize the phone bills for many of those that can not afford the phone they don't want and certainly the compulsory data plans. To do this will AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc, have to raise the price of the data plans of those who actually use them? Smart phones are nice but that doesn't mean the telecoms, or the government in their regulation of said phones, is smart. They are just greedy. But isn't that what big business is all about? IMHO

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09 April 2011



Two years ago this day our precious Suzy took it upon on herself to adopt us. Apparently, and luckily for us, we suited her needs. Suzy has continually stressed that a diva and a princess are not the same and have different demands. In return for our following precise instructions in meeting her wants and whimsies, she has condescended to become my mentor and art critic. Suzy and "Mum" are still sparring as to which one is the true queen of the castle. All in all it has been a glorious two years and we look forward to many more. Thank you Suzy for being you. 

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American Civil War - Qwiki

Can California learn from this?

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08 April 2011

A family member rented the Turner Farmhouse for get-together.


Do we fly or drive 6000+ miles roundtrip? Looking forward to time at the Turner Farmhouse on an island in Lake Champlain. Maybe Montreal? Mozzie heaven?

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Talking to Republicans


This is a large problem. Unfortunately the solution must come from both sides and that will not happen in the near future. WARNING! WARNING! Disengage! Great piece.

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07 April 2011

Listening to two radio programs concerning natural health and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Vitamin Shelf" with Dave Stouder at 7 AM PDT and "The Balancing Point" with Dr. John Nieters at 8 AM PDT on KESTRadio.com. http://bit.ly/cNWQlU Only you can take responsibility for your health. "Can you name one drug that makes you healthy?

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